At Tsawwassen Hearing Centre, we provide a range of services to help you hear your best in any situation.

We understand that you likely have many questions about your hearing loss, and we are happy to answer all of them.  Through one-on-one care, we will help you get to where you want to be - confident and comfortable in any environment.


  • Professional and thorough hearing evaluations 
  • One-on-one consultation and counselling
  • 45-day hearing aid evaluations
  • Prompt repair and service for all makes in our on-site repair lab
  • Batteries and accessories
  • Assistive listening devices for TV
  • Custom specialty earmolds for sleeper earplugs, swimmer earplugs, Blue Tooth earpieces, ear defenders, in-ear monitors for musicians, and more
  • In-home servicing available 
  • Acceptance of D.V.A. claims

Follow-up is extremely important to us. If you have been fitted with a hearing aid, we will arrange a number of follow-up sessions to make sure everything is running smoothly for you and that you are adjusting to the new sounds around you. You can also contact us at anytime to book an appointment.