Client Testimonials

We are always humbled and grateful when our clients take the time to share their positive experiences with us.

Mark has been so accommodating and thoughtful in helping me with my hearing aids. It’s difficult for me to get out of the house, so he has conducted every appointment in my home. I am grateful to him and Shawna for their kindness and care. I have worn hearing aids for over 15 years and I have never been as happy with the hearing aids - or service that comes with them - as I am now.
— Jacquie P. (Jacquie is wearing Starkey Muse i2400 hearing aids)
Mark has been incredible in helping my elderly mother transition into hearing aids. The service has been amazing with impeccable attention to detail, and Mark’s patience and professionalism are greatly appreciated. Can’t recommend this place enough.
— Jill M. (Jill's mother, Eve, is wearing Siemens Pure RIC hearing aids)
My dad has always been very particular about where he brings his business. I took him to several spots in Ontario and my sister did the same in Vancouver. It is very clear why he chose you and your staff to help him with something he had put off for years. Thanks for guiding him and following up so well after the fact. I am glad Dad chose you folks. He has never had a hearing aid before and really likes the one you provided to him. All the best - in business and life.
— Steve R. (Steve's father, Ted, is wearing Widex Dream 110 CIC hearing aids)
My experience with Tsawwassen Hearing started with my father-in-law, Gord; he was continually complaining about his hearing aids, so I set up an appointment with Mark. Vicki greeted us when we arrived and made sure Gord’s Veterans card would cover any adjustment fees. Mark cleaned his hearing aids and supplied new batteries. Gord now walks down to visit Mark, Vicki and Shawna on his own.

I decided I should get my hearing tested. To no one’s surprise my hearing was not up to par. I ordered some hearing aids and I can now hear again. I can participate in group conversations once again. They are so discreet that I have had not one person notice I’m even wearing them.

My wife and I ride motorcycles and we have bluetooth communication between us. I was having trouble hearing my wife, so I went to Mark to see if he could help. Mark ordered in some parts and I now have ear buds that act as sound blockers so my wife’s voice comes directly into the ear buds. I hear very little road noise and I can hear my wife perfectly. This is so fantastic!

The service is over the top, the products are cutting-edge, the location is convenient, and the prices are fair.
— John W. (John is wearing Widex Dream Passion hearing aids)